How do I know when my baby is too big for the carrier?

Created by Leanne Trimm, Modified on Fri, 02 Sep 2022 at 02:35 PM by Sophie Baker

As your baby grows, they will get bigger and heavier. For most people its possible to comfortably use a sling or carrier until their child can walk for reasonable distances unaided. 

If your baby feels too big or too heavy before this then you may find that changing to a different carrier will make carrying more comfortable.

Use our Izmi Carrier Comparison Chart to help you find the most suitable Izmi for your baby’s age and stage. If you’ve been using an Izmi Wrap, then try the Izmi Carrier for more carrying positions as your baby grows. 

If your baby is over 9 months you could also consider the Izmi Toddler Carrier
Before you look for a new carrier do first check that your existing carrier is properly adjusted for you both as poor carrier fit will make you less comfortable and your child feel heavier. If your child has recently had a big growth spurt you will notice the extra weight; you may find that within a few days your body adjust to this and you can continue to carry them.

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