What is a TOG rating? Which do I need?

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Many of us haven't heard of the TOG system before. Lucky we have a guide to help you! ?

Detailed Answer

The TOG measurement, typically used in Europe, refers to the approximate warmth of the product by measuring the thermal insulation provided by its material. Basically, the higher the TOG; the warmer the product.

TOG rating uses an ascending scale from cool & lightweight products at 0.2 TOG to warm & cozy products at 2.5 TOG.

Check your baby regularly to ensure they do not overheat.

  • The Swaddle UP™ Original, Organic & Transition are equivalent to approximately 1.0 TOG.
  • The Swaddle UP™ Bamboo Lite is equivalent to approximately 0.2 TOG.
  • The Swaddle UP™ Winter Warm is equivalent to approximately 2.5 TOG.

See our handy temperature guide for a guidance on how many layers your little one needs underneath their swaddle:

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