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Tips & tricks for using your Bottle Washer Pro

  • To help you get the best out of your Bottle Washer Pro, here are some useful tip and tricks:

  • Only put light items (such as teats, lids, collars, valves etc) on the top rack.  Keep heavy items on the bottom rack.  Adding heavy items to the top rack may cause it to become distorted and lean, meaning your items may fall of the rack.
  • A small amount of residual water may remain on concave surfaces of bottles & accessories after drying, just like in your dishwasher.  Just tilt the products so that the water runs off into the machine.
  • Mineral residue caused by hard water/well water may be left on products after drying, just like your dishwasher.  To prevent this, we recommend using a water softener or distilled water.
  • Only use Baby Brezza Detergent Tablets.  Household dishwasher detergents including liquid, powder or pods will create too much foam and leave detergent residue on your products.
  • Place products aligned with the spray jets to ensure thorough cleaning.

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