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Can I breastfeed in my carrier?

It may be possible to use an Izmi carrier to support discrete breastfeeding, though when and how this works varies greatly between individuals. Before attempting to breastfeed whilst using any sling or carrier, do make sure that you are confident both with breastfeeding and with using your sling. 


Breastfeeding with your baby in a sling or carrier is not always possible for everyone and will depend on your baby’s stage and their preferred feeding position, your body shape and the positions possible in the carrier you are using. Do give it a try if you’d like to, but don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t work easily for you at first. You may find it works better when your baby is older.


With smaller babies who can’t support and control their own head you can use a carrier as a breastfeeding aid. For most people is not safe to attempt hands-free breastfeeding with a very small baby; you will still need to use a hand or arm to support your baby’s head when they are feeding. Ensure that your baby can breathe easily while they are feeding; do not use any fabric to hold your baby’s head into your breast and do not cover their head or face while they are feeding.

 Always return your baby to a safe higher, tighter carrying position as soon as they have finished feeding. Once your baby has sufficient head control to be able to latch and unlatch unaided (usually by 4-5 months), then many find that it is possible to breastfeed in any sling or carrier with the baby held on their front in an upright off centered position. You simply need to loosen the sling just enough to lower the baby to the breast. Ensure that your baby’s head is not covered, that they can breathe easily.

Check out our blog post on breastfeeding in a wrap here.


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