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Pressure Fit gate FAQs

If you have any Pressure Fit gate questions, the commonly asked questions are below.  If you can’t find the answer to your specific question then please contact us here.

Does the pressure fit need anything to help fit it? 

Yes, the pressure fit gate will need wall cups to stop it slipping if you child falls against it. These need to be firmly attached to the wall.


What surfaces can I fit my gate to? 

Wood is the best surface to fit your gate to as the adhesive works the best with wood. You can fit it to other surfaces such as wallpaper and paintwork however this isn’t the best.


Can you fit a pressure fit with skirting boards? 

Yes, skirting boards are easy to work round with pressure gates.


Can the pressure fit gates be removed easily? 

Yes, the pressure fit gates can be removed very easily. They can be taken out during visits and then put back after with ease.


Do pressure fit gates leave damage? 

A pressure gate pushes hard into the wall and therefore can leave damage. They leave 4 large dents corresponding to where the wall cups were pushed onto the wall. To avoid damage to plasterboard walls, ensure the Wall Cups are position where there is a wall stud behind the plasterboard.


Where can I fit a pressure fit gate? 

A pressure fit gate must NOT be used at the top of the stairs. This is because pressure fit gates need a bar across the bottom to keep them secure. This creates a trip hazard which, if fitted at the top of the stairs, can become dangerous.

Therefore you can only fit a pressure fit gate at the bottom of the stairs or the inside of a door opening.

My gap is quite wide – Do I need any extra Gate Extensions?

Measure the width of your opening to calculate the number of Gate Extensions you need.

I’ve just received my gate and the metal frame on the pressure fit gate and the handle do not line up

When the pressure fit gates arrive with you there is a cable tie holding the Extenders, frame and handle together. Cutting this cable tie makes it easy for the gate to unlock and it will appear that the frame no longer fits. Please note this is completely normal the frame of a pressure fit gate is designed to push out so that it is as secure as possible once fitted. If your gate becomes unlocked in this way, simply pull the lock and frame together and lock the gate. You can re-secure the gate with a 30cm cable tie, or simply be careful to keep the gate locked while you fit it in the normal way.


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