How easy is it to prepare a bottle with Formula Pro Advanced?

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The Formula Pro Advanced offers fuss-free bottle making for your baby on demand.

Go to to find the correct setting for your formula powder. 

1. Press the "powder setting" button repeatedly to select your setting 1-10. It is essential that you choose the correct setting for your formula (brand, type, stage and scoop weight)
2. Press the "ML” button repeatedly to select the volume of water you want to dispense. ML size indicates water volume only. It does not include the volume of powder added when mixing. 


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3. Press the "temp" button to select the temperature of the formula dispensed. The temperature indicator will flash when heating and stay solid when the set temperature is reached. Formula will not be dispensed until the indicator stops flashing. 


4. Press the "start" button to dispense formula. The Formula Pro Advanced will revert to the settings last used after it has been unplugged or switched off. You DO NOT need to select a powder setting every time you make a bottle. 


5. The Formula Pro Advanced will dispense powder and water together, then stop automatically when dispensing is complete. Some clumping may occur with some formula powders inherently difficult to mix with water - simply shake the bottle before feeding your baby to ensure the formula powder is fully mixed.

PLEASE NOTE: The level will appear higher than the ML size selected because of added powder volume/density and/or variance in bottle making. Example: 120ml of water plus powder volume is approximately 135ml depending on your formula powder type.

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