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How to clean the Buggyboard wheels

If you find that the wheels on your Buggyboard are sticking or tough to push, then you may need to clean them and the wheel housing as well. See below some simple steps to follow in order to carry out the cleaning process. 

Make sure the board itself has been taken off of your pushchair chassis. Then remove the wheels by following this short video. You’ll need to ensure the wheel housing and suspension parts are removed as well.

Once all parts have been taken out from underneath the Buggyboard, use an old brush to get any dry mud or dirt off the wheel itself. Warm soapy water and a cloth should then be used to carefully wipe away any further dirt or debris inside the housing parts. Make sure to leave all parts out to air dry completely. 

After you’re satisfied both wheels and all housing parts are completely dry you can put the housing and wheels back into the board following this video. You should notice the wheels move more freely and are free of any dirt and debris. 

If you are still experiencing issues with the movement of the Buggyboard or wheels please get in touch with Customer Support here or by calling 01730 895761 and they can assist you further. 


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