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Screw Fit Gate FAQs

If you have any Screw Fit gate questions, the commonly asked questions are below.  If you can’t find the answer to your specific question then please contact us here.

Do the screws leave a lot of damage? 

The screw holes are easy to fill and leave minimal damage.


Do the screw fit gates have a trip bar? 

Screw fit gates do not come with a trip bar. This helps with allowing wheelchair users to go through the gates with ease and children on wheeled toys.


Can the screw fit gate be removed easily? 

You can temporarily remove the screw fit gate.

Can you fit a screw fit with skirting boards? 

Yes, it is a bit more difficult than for pressure fit gates, however it is still possible. 

Where can I fit a screw fit gate?

You can fit a screw fit gate either at the top or the bottom of the stairs, in a doorway opening or outside the doorway.


Why does the gate not open all the way?

The gate only opens through 110°.  Pushing/forcing it to open further can damage the hinges so that the gate does not provide an effective barrier.


What size is the gap under the Screw Fit stairgate?

The gap between the gate and the floor is 6cm


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