How do I descale my Formula Pro?

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You should carry out this descaling clean monthly to prevent mineral scale on the water heater inside your Formula Pro. See below how to do clean your Formula Pro.

1. Remove the water tank, empty it and fill it with 600ml/20oz distilled vinegar and 600ml/20oz of purified water.

2. Place the water tank on the base of the machine and place a cup larger than 300ml/10oz under the funnel. 

3. Select "300ml/10oz" with the "ML" button, then press the "water only" button to dispense. 

4. Empty the cup, place it back under the funnel, then press the "water only" button again to dispense another 300ml/10oz.

5. Now unplug the machine, remove the water tank, and empty it. Let the machine sit for 4 hours. 

6. Wash, rinse and fill the water tank to the max line with purified water, then place it back on the base.

7. Plug in the machine, place a cup to catch 300ml/10oz water and use the "water only" button to run an 300ml/10oz cycle. Dispose of the water dispensed in the cup and then repeat this step to run the entire tank of purified water through the machine. When the "low water" indicator turns on, you're done rinsing.

8. Refill the water tank with purified water and return to normal use. 

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