How should I be storing my Formula Pro long-term?

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It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to clean the machine and remove all formula powder residue before storage. If you're going to store your Formula Pro for a later use, or will not use it for a while, find the instructions below.

1. Remove the powder container parts, funnel, funnel cover, drip tray and water tank from the base.

2. Wipe the base with a clean damp cloth and make sure to remove any and all formula residue. Dry the base well.

3. Empty the powder container, wash all powder container parts, air dry thoroughly, reassemble and reinstall on the base. 

4. Follow the monthly descaling instructions 1-7 only here.

5. Now place a cup to catch 300ml water under the funnel, then press and hold the "water only" button for 5 seconds. Water will dispense continuously until the machine is completely empty, the stop automatically.

6. Unplug the machine, remove the funnel, funnel cover and water tank, air dry them both thoroughly and reinstall. 

Your machine is now ready for storage. Pack the machine in its box, or enclose it in a bag to keep it dust free.

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